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Architecture Studio Atlas – Europe, Asia, America

This project focusses on a particular sort of office life – that of architects.

Whilst filled with many of the elements common to other sorts of work, these are design studios. So how do they differ? What makes an architecture studio a unique place to work? What commonalities are there amongst them? Which studios stand out? What information about the practice of architecture does that focus on office life offer readers? To answer those questions, the book will feature a large number of images from each studio. It will include those featured in Dezeen, ArchDaily and Designboom during the development of this project. In addition, several unpublished photos will appear. As such we hope to tap in to the popularity of this online story whilst deepening its content to give a more complete view of each studio.

An exciting selection of texts will be included. Architecture Editor, Scholar and Curator James Taylor-Foster, formerly editor at large for Archdaily & curator of the Nordic Pavillion at 2016 Venice Bienalle, currently head curator for Ark-Des will provide an introductory essay. Architect and scholar, Juhani Pallasmma will add to that an essay about the atmosphere of the architecture studio. Marc Goodwin will supply the backstory to this two-year project, sharing experiences not visible through the lens. Finally, interviews with a select group of participant architects will express a second view from within, providing the necessary balance to this story.

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