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Lars Jonsson – Måleri / Painting

Måleri / Painting is a new book by the celebrated artist Lars Jonsson.

As an artist and ornithologist, Lars Jonsson is driven by a passion for birds and their environments, an interest that has followed him since youth. Lars Jonsson had his first exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Natural History at the age of 15 and gained international recognition for his field handbooks on birds. Since then, he has regularly shown his watercolours and oil paintings in galleries and museums in Sweden, America and several European countries.

From his studio in southern Gotland, Lars Jonsson draws his inspiration from the shores and the rich bird life of the open landscape. He works primarily en plein air and his art is a result of his ability to surrender, listen, study and wait, which requires great patience and a scientific understanding of the motif.

Lars Jonsson received his hononary doctorate degree in 2002 from the Faculty of History and Philosophy at Uppsala University. He also runs his own museum, Museum Lars Jonsson, on Gotland.

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