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Future People’s Palace – Remaking the Architecture of the Welfare State

The mass housing produced during the Swedish welfare state’s Million Programme (1965-1975) has been heavily debated since the Swedish society’s abrupt socioeconomic and demographic shifts in the 1970s. Future People’s Palace provides an overview of this complicated history and presents critical essays and architectural projects that take on the complexities of renovating those buildings and neighbourhoods today. The challenges are partially technical and partially social and cultural, yet they must almost always address how these projects live in the collective consciousness.

With a comprehensive introductory essay by editors Ola Broms Wessel, Jennifer Mack and Tim Anstey, this volume captures the past, current and future faces of the Million Programme through provocative new texts by the human geographer Moa Tunström, the journalist Rebecka Tarschys and others; art projects by Per Hasselberg, Elin Strand and the New Beauty Council; a photo-essay by John Håkansson and presentations of award-winning architectural renovation projects from the Stockholm architectural office Spridd.

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