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Congratulations to Pontus Lomar for a Successful Launch at Wetterling Gallery!

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Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us yesterday at the opening of Pontus Lomar’s Travelling Architect – The Streets of Stockholm.

It was crowded at Wetterling Gallery, when all guests tried to get a glimpse of the book and the exhibition! And it became even more crowded when Li Pamp and Pontus started their exciting talk about architecture, travelling, love for watercolor painting, and of course the background to the book. The exhibited original paintings from the book were for sale, and not many were unsold when the evening ended.

The exhibition will continue until June 27th! If you did not get the chance to see it yesterday,  you have another week to visit Wetterling Gallery at Kungsträdgården 3!

Pontus Lomar, architect and founder of the multidisciplinary practice Lomar Arkitekter, brings his watercolours with him wherever he travels. When he has time, he selects a place or a building and paints what he sees – swiftly, impromptu, without reflection.

Over the past 25 years, this has resulted in thousands of watercolours from all over the world; snapshots of places and architecture, of light and colour – but also of the context of architecture. The pace of the city. The life of its inhabitants. All those things that breathe life into architecture.

In his new book Travelling Architect – The Streets of Stockholm, Lomar paints a portrait of his beloved hometown Stockholm and its boroughs. With a selection of 62 watercolours from different places – from Drottningholm to Skogskyrkogården and with personal reflections on the motifs – he invites us to see the city through the eyes of an architect.

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