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Frankfurt Bookfair 2019. A+O are pleased to present our new upcoming publications.

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Welcome to the Exhibition “Books on Norway”. This Year Norway is the fair’s Guest of Honour. You will find A+O’s books displayed as part of the Exhibition at Frankfurt Book Fair in the Guest of Honour Pavillion at Forum Level 1.

Travelling is a great opportunity to catch up with your reading. When you fly home you will also find our books in the “Books on Norway” – Satellite, at the Frankfurt Airport Book Swap – Terminal 1. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up one of our new books and make your flight home enjoyable.

New Arrivals in December

It Begins with Curiosity – Henning Larsen Architects,

Attitude as Style – Rahel Belatchew Architect

Welfare Architecture For All – C.F. Møller Architects

Natural Elements – Arkís Arkitektar

Fresher – The Second Chapter of Gert Wingårdh’s Irresistible Architecture

Waldemarsudde – A total Artwork

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