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From Superman to Supervisor – The Role of the Architect is Undergoing Change

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Lifting the Gaze, the new book by Juul | Frost Arkitekter, was launched in Copenhagen on September 20th, in connection with the open discussion forum ‘From Superman to Supervisor’ – where professional organizations, practitioners and researchers debated the collaborations of the future under the moderation of Mikkel Frey.

The architects Helle Juul and Flemming Frost have lifted their gazes from the drawing board and given their own practice a critical examination. Simultaneously, they have also examined and reflected on the architect’s role in society – as well as reread urban theorists and revisited and portrayed previous projects. Reflections create new understanding and new perspectives emerge.

In the book, the architects reflect on how architecture affects the way we live, learn and work – as well as on its ability to facilitate communities and collaborations. They draw a richly illustrated picture of how the studio’s research on housing concepts, campus development and public space is transformed into new methods and architecture that ensure social interaction and sustainability. In conversation, Helle Juul and Flemming Frost also provide an insight into the development of the practice and their academic, conceptual and pragmatic approach to architecture. Additionally, the two experienced journalists Hugo Gaarden and Mark Isitt contribute to the book with their thoughts on the role of the architect from a Nordic and a global perspective.

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