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Good Buildings on a Small Planet in New Architecture Show on Danish Television

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We Build It Away is DR’s new architecture show, which will air in February and March on Danish television. During four episodes, we will meet Danish architects who create innovative solutions to our greatest social changes. Rasmus Rune Nielsen, author of the book Good Buildings on a Small Planet, is initiator and expert in the program.

In the show, we meet leading Danish architects – many of whom also appear in the book – who work with these challenges around the world and at home. We visit new buildings and urban development projects, and we meet some of all the citizens, builders and decision makers who help making it all happen. We say We Build It Away a bit jokingly, since we obviously do not simply build away climate change, CO2 emissions, natural loss, or the social divisions in cities.

The four episodes are entitled ‘We Must Adapt Our Cities to Climate Change’, ‘We Must Manage Our CO2 Emissions and Resource Consumption’, ‘We Must Create More Space for Nature’ and ‘We Must Create Cities Where People Can Meet and Communities Unfold’. They will air on Tuesdays 12/2, 19/2, 26/2 and 5/3.

Rikke Juul Gram, Schønherr; Flemming Rafn Thomsen, Tredje Natur; Bjarke Ingels, BIG; Lone Wiggers, C.F. Møller; Anders Lendager, Lendager Group; Kasper Guldager, GXN; Mette Skjold & Rasmus Astrup, SLA; Philip Hahn-Petersen, Habitats; Jeff Risom, Gehl; Katinka Hauxner, Hauxner; Tue Foged, EFFEKT.

While the show is airing on DR, we offer the book Good Buildings on a Small Planet to a discounted price.

Get the english version of the book here
Get the danish version of the book here

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