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Upcoming Title: Royal Chambers, by Wang & Söderström!

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Arvinius + Orfeus are proud to publish the book Royal Chambers by the acclaimed design and artistic duo Wang & Söderström.

In Royal Chambers, Wang & Söderström present an assembly of five works that investigate our relationship to the term ‘home’ across the digital and environmental developments of our time. Together they describe an entanglement of shifting power structures and perspectives in a rapidly changing ‘phygital’ world.

Between the visceral present, clear as mud, and the future – often clearer than we give it credit for – Royal Chambers posits an expanded idea of home, of care and connection from micro to macro, to shine light on a more integrated and nuanced notion of life and living.

The book offers insights into the processes behind the works, as well as essays from five contributing writers that unfold the idea of home as a multifaceted ecosystem. It also includes a short biography of Wang & Söderström, photos of their studio and an index of selected works from 2016–2022.

Wang & Söderström are a Copenhagen-based design and artistic duo. In a transdisciplinary practice, Anny Wang (b. 1990) and Tim Söderström (b. 1988) animate the present and imagine our futures through digital techniques. The ideas and objects that emerge are a synthesis of technology and material craft, taking form in sculpture, installation, and visual imagery. In this tangled space between the tangible and the transient, the duo emphasise the emotional and haptic qualities of materials and textures, reframing their value and recasting their meaning. Probing conventions, their ingenuity is germinating a new sensuality in the digital age.

Website: https://wangsoderstrom.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wangsoderstrom/

The book will be published on March 23, 2023.

Please join us to celebrate the book launch of Royal Chambers:

March 23 at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning/ Pegasus, Oslo Plads 1, Copenhagen. 5–8pm.
March 30 at Index, The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Kungsbrostrand 19, Stockholm. 5–8pm.

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