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Vernissage and Book Launch! Petra Gipp’s passage/shaft /niche/lining/ nave – wandering

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Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us at the opening of Petra Gipp’s exhibition and book launch for passage/shaft/niche/lining/nave – wandering at Liljevalchs.

Petra Gipp is one of Sweden’s most talked about and praised architects, with a working method similar to a sculpturer’s. At Liljevalchs, she exhibits her now three-year long work with casted plaster that look similar to the buildings she draws. White plaster models fill Liljevalchs’ sculpture hall, and it is as if they are tiny sisters and brothers to the room that they are in. Acting as an additional layer of the exhibition is a sound piece created by the musician and composer Pelle Ossler. A visit to the exhibition is recommended on a day when there are fewer visitors and the music is allowed to flow freely around the sculptures in the room.

In the book passage/shaft/niche/lining/nave – wandering, Gipp portrays her work through the casted plaster. Here, she sculpts an altogether distinct voice that makes architecture melt together with place, body and thought. For Petra Gipp, working with models is pivotal. It is a method for approaching architecture, often independent of scale. Here, space can be sculpted through a focus on volume, elements and details, where everything melts together into a single thought. In that way, the rooms and volumes that she creates may get clarity and a personal voice.

The plaster castings are brought together with newly written poems by the poet Ann Jäderlund, which provide the plaster with a resonating foundation to brace against. Professor emeritus Peter Bjerrum reads Petra Gipp’s work through Loos, Corbusier and Mies, whereas Helena Mattsson reflects on the imaginary world of architecture and the physical model, and Sune Nordgren concludes with thoughts on architecture and art.

The exhibition will be open between April 27th-May 13th.



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