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New Publications by A+O!

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Autumn is here and A+O are happy to publish several new books!

Territories – Buildings Through the Eyes of Their Users

The impulse behind this experimental photo project was to inject methodology from street photography – mostly, the reliance on serendipity and spontaneous behaviour – into architectural photography. Philippe Sarfati wanted to show buildings through the eyes of their users, by presenting spaces as inhabited territories.

Order a copy of the book here!

Offentligt konstarbete – Fallstudier i konst & arkitektur

Offentligt konstarbete looks at how we encounter public art in everyday life – outside of a framed art context. Since 2012, the architects Edvin Bylander and Joel Persson have been working on shaping and implementing public art in collaboration with various artists. Here they share their and others’ experiences of the processes behind the art.

Order a copy of the book here!

Model Archive – A Witness to the City

This is an interdisciplinary anthology that explores urban design and planning through the collection of models kept at the City Planning Department of Stockholm. In essays and conversations, a dozen authors and dialogue partners reflect on the relationship between model and city, complexities of the urban planning process, housing issues, and more.

Order a copy of the English version here!

Order a copy of the Swedish version here!

Between Affinity and Rupture: Tracing Bubbles

This book collects 18 contributions exploring the notion of the ‘bubble’ – a symbol of our personalised mental and social landscapes, where collisions with different realities shape our perceptions, biases, and responses. These insular realms influence how we perceive and react to realities and values, while also offering avoidance or empowerment amidst opposing viewpoints.

Order a copy of the book here!

Tala Silver

Tala Silver, published in conjunction with the non-profit organisation Nutida Svenskt Silver’s 60th anniversary, gives us a glimpse of the member smiths’ practices, and places contemporary artistic silver and goldsmithing in a wider social, cultural and political context.

Order a copy of the book here!

Danish Ceramic Architecture

This book offers a presentation of Danish architecture that has not been seen before. With ceramic and light brick facades as a medium, it narrates a piece of Danish architectural history unknown to most people. It is thus a new way of approaching the Danish architectural treasure – by zooming in on approximately the past 130 years and otherwise overlooked buildings, as well as telling new stories about well-known works.

Order a copy of the book here!

Martin Jacobson – Verk i urval / Selected Works 2013–2023

The artist Martin Jacobson has become well known for his theatrical motifs where diverse, visual references intermingle in his search for an image that feels as if it was discovered rather than made by him. He collects images for a personal archive, with the aim to gather images seemingly saturated with collective memories and references. These images are then composed into collages that serve as foundations for his paintings.

Order a copy of the book here!

Edit Sihlberg möter Hilding Linnqvist

The artist Edit Sihlberg received the first scholarship to be awarded by the Hilding Linnqvist Art Foundation in 2022. For almost a year since then, she explored the surviving collection of paintings and drawings of her older artist-colleague at his archive in Stockholm. She also painted several of her own works during this period based on the experience of her time in the archive. These paintings are collected in this book, together with a selection of Hilding Linnqvist’s works.

Order a copy of the book here!

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