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Design Reviewed #1

The team behind Disegno: A Quarterly Journal of Design is proud to announce Design Reviewed, a new biannual publication devoted to experiential writing around design and its users.

Each issue of Design Reviewed contains ten essays in which writers get hands-on with design and its various manifestations in the world. The texts are not qualitative assessments of their subjects, but rather personal reflections on design and the contexts in which it operates.

This issue is structured around ten different forms of design output: technology, ecology, media, object, body, system, interface, policy, space and phenomena. While these categories are not exhaustive, they aim to provide a structuring principle for a discipline that is increasingly diffuse and varied.

In contrast to Disegno’s journal format, Design Reviewed is a smaller, more book-like publication, which takes its cue from publications such as field guides, jotters and technical manuals. It is a publication designed to be portable and handy, with a cream dust jacket to help protect it during journeys.

While Disegno will be reserved for long-form reporting, in-depth interviews, and emerging project stories, Design Reviewed will be a space for reflection on design as its users experience it.

15.00(excl VAT and shipping)