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Commoning Kits

We are in an urgent need of meeting places. As people, as a society and as a culture. Places where we can participate, talk, learn more about each other, and create the mutual values that we call urban life and identity. Something shared. Meeting places where we come together to create a city, and, in extension, a society.

The exhibition Commoning Kits, curated by Kjellander Sjöberg Architects at Form/Design Center in Malmö, displayed 13 proposals for how new meeting places can be created in order to generate and kick-start qualitative development and community in urban districts. The catalogue presents innovative prototypes designed to be used as toolkits in different settings and cities, based on local needs.

Participants: Arrhov Frick, Eriksen Skajaa, Förstberg Ling, In Praise of Shadows, Krupinski/Krupinska, Lenschow & Pihlmann, Leth & Gori, Marge, Nilsson Rahm, Norell/Rodhe, Rintala Eggertsson, Sted, Vardehaugen + Ahaa.

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