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It’s only rock’n’roll – Peter Kjellerås

This is a collection of 50 years of professional photography as seen through Peter Kjellerå’s eye and camera lens. Here we meet the greatest rock icons of our time – from Lou Reed, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Iggy Pop to Freddie Mercury, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Just to name a few.
Peter Kjellerås is a Swedish press photographer who has covered hundreds of concerts and music festivals across Europe.

His feeling for the small nuances and tender moments in a public circus of big and open emotions and lies is unique.
The photo book is his personal tribute to preserving a piece of rock history.

”Peter Kjellerås’s sense of the small nuances and the tender moments in a public circus of big and open feelings and lies is unique. No photographer at any of the major newspapers in Sweden could find the small tender looks of the artists or a fan or a person in power like Peter. The god of small moments. The moment of the great gods. But he was also a bulldozer. God, what a bulldozer he could be.” Lasse Anrell



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