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Function Rules – A Swedish Approach to Design Glamour

This book is about adapting the world of things to the world of people. It is also the first study of the successful Swedish design and development firm Ergonomidesign. Featuring essays, interviews and case studies, this beautifully illustrated volume places Ergonomidesign’s achievement in a societal context that goes way beyond bad backs and ugly office chairs.

The case studies document research methods and the development of new design solutions which are based on user needs. The interviews offer an insight into the thought processes of the designers and the essay provides a critical vision of the ergonomic design in today’s world.

The group of designers has an impressive record of creating best-selling objects which are functional, inclusive, sustainable – and sometimes even fashionable. The place is Stockholm. The time is the 70s and onwards.

Susanne Pagold is a Swedish journalist and writer who specializes in fashion and design.

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