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Gábor Palotai – ZOO animals as figurative illustrations

In his new book, ZOO, Gábor Palotai displays a different take on the depictions of animals as figurative illustrations. Every animal is portrayed as abstract art: sharply outlined in contrast with a mesmerising pattern in light and dark. The effects of this black and white pattern enhance the impression that every animal is etched into the paper in a visual texture that evokes tactile sensibility. At the same time, the animals are bound to the architectural outer shape of their image and their bodies are tattooed in undecipherable graphic patterns, suggesting that each of them is free from within to multiply and literally take on any figurative meaning.

The Swedish-Hungarian graphic designer and artist Gábor Palotai is internationally renowned for the striking imagery he creates with his intense art, playfulness of forms and strong and emotional elements. Gábor Palotai’s unique photographic and graphic art has given rise to several art books. ZOO is Gábor Palotai’s latest book.

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