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Gun Gordillo – Complete works

Gun Gordillo (b. 1945) is an accomplished artist with an enduring vision that spans over five decades. Her radiant neon installations effortlessly blend minimalism, abstract modernism, constructivism, kinetic art, and even pop art, while always retaining a distinct individuality.

Despite her artistic achievements, Gordillo’s work has never been comprehensibly reviewed. This publication aims to rectify this oversight by providing an exhaustive exploration of her artistic practice, hopefully securing her rightful place in the annals of art history. It delves into Gordillo’s life and work, placing her art within the tapestry of culture and architecture that gave it life. A collection of essays from Danish, Swedish, and French writers, along with an extensive interview with Gordillo herself, offers a comprehensive survey of her multifaceted work.

With over 300 photographs, the book traces Gordillo’s artistic evolution throughout her career, spotlighting her individual pieces, architectural installations, and exhibitions. Additionally, previously unpublished photographs from Gordillo’s personal collection provide insights into her creative process and international life in cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Cairo, and Paris, as well as in the Swedish archipelago.

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