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On the piers of Frihamnen, in central Gothenburg, a transformation from an industrial port to a lively neighborhood is underway. Jubileumsparken is part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary and a catalyst for ongoing site and city development, it will be a destination. For several years, temporary activities such as baths, sauna, temporary parks and play structures have been built in Jubileumsparken. This is urban development in constant citizen dialogue. A thriving park landscape has gradually been created in an asphalt desert together with the public.

The purpose of the book is to describe and summarize this unique process and the methodology behind it, so that other cities in the Nordics (and the rest of Europe) can start with a different type of place development practice. The book summarizes 10 years (2013-2023) of development, from the first prototypes to inauguration, and focuses on activities and projects from 2016 onward when the process started to gain momentum.

Several architectural offices, engineers, experts, and artist collectives have participated in Jubileumsparken. Many of these contribute to the book – Raumlabor Berlin, atelier le balto, Afry, Serneke, New Order, Recetas Urbanas, Älvstranden, Polyplan and more – and MARELD compiles and coordinates the process. Like the park, the book is also a joint work.

The book is dynamic and covers several important areas of knowledge – including site-building, cultural heritage, artistic design, park maintenance, spontaneous play, construction, climate adaptation. It describes and visualizes how a complex process with several actors from different professional groups collaborates over several years to create a unique park in the European context.

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