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Håndværk Bookazine No. 10

Håndværk Bookazine No. 10 introduces practising artists and their work, as well as the artisans and craftspeople whose knowledge and skills make their artistic production possible. We will also meet an art academy rector, a museum director, a gallery owner and visit the artist community in the Finnish village of Fiskars.

In this independent publication, Rigetta Klint draws on her lengthy experience and career – first as a practicing maker and designer and later as a writer and photographer. Her approach to the task is driven by high standards and dedication. With a clear and consistent emphasis on craftsmanship and materiality, the Håndværk Bookazine portrays the living, changing practice of design and craft through in-depth interviews and portraits painted in both words and images.

The Håndværk Bookazine focuses on craft in its own right and as a necessary basis for architecture, art, fashion, interior design and for a good meal. It is based in Denmark and published twice a year. Each issue of the bookazine focuses on a specific design- and crafts-related theme.

34.00(excl VAT and shipping)

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