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Hans Arnold – Monsterland (English)

Take a trip to Monsterland and go on a journey you will never forget. Hans Arnold has created a unique world inhabited by vampires and ghosts. You won’t get bored in their company. Monsterland should become a Bible for all monster fans and every thrillseeker’s favourite bedtime story. But don’t forget to watch your back. The creatures from Monster Bay, Frankensteinville and International Blood Import Inc. really come into their own after eleven at night…

Hans Arnold is an illustrator and artist, best known for his surrealist pictures. He was born in 1925 in the little Catholic town of Sursee in Switzerland. He had a strict Catholic upbringing with a strong emphasis on heaven and hell. Arnold’s first drawings were caricatures of his teachers, which he sold to his schoolmates. He was admitted to the school of arts and crafts in Lucerne in 1936. Arnold has lived and worked in Stockholm since 1948. During his long career, he has illustrated everything from daily and weekly newspapers to record covers and story books. His work has been exhibited extensively around Sweden and the rest of Europe.

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