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Kent Ullberg – Sculpture / Lars Jonsson – Painting

The two Swedish artists are presented together for the first time in a special double-book format, in connection with their exhibition at Millesgården. Kent Ullberg and Lars Jonsson are kindred spirits in their mutual love for animals; birds in Lars Jonsson’s case and for Kent Ullberg it is the larger animals on land and in the sea. In pursuit of their passion, they went against the grain, in opposition to the prevailing art trends and developed similar approaches to their art. To show the paintings of Lars Jonsson side-by-side Kent Ullberg’s sculptures in a joint exhibition is not only a landmark in their independent careers but also a culmination of their deep respect for one another.

Kent Ullberg is recognised as one of the world’s foremost wildlife sculptors known for his monumental works executed for museums and municipalities across the globe.

Lars Jonsson has gained international recognition for his field handbooks on birds. He has regularly shown his watercolours and oil paintings in galleries and museums in Sweden, America and in several European countries.

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