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Kjellander Sjöberg 1998-2018

This catalogue is a collection of impressions of a series of places that we have visited and that inspired us, of processes we had the privilege to participate in, and of reflections and strategies for emergent situations with inherent eternal questions. For us, architecture means presenting possibilities, creating places that can be and are to be used, as well as an opportunity to dream about alternative routes and social settings, and about what kind of life that could take place. The most important elements have always been content and presence – to make sustainable projects where we can tell a story of a place, of life and of people.

What is the meaning of architecture? What drives us?

We generally say that all cities have a soul. Or, rather, a logic based on their individual parts and characters. We call this ‘urban fabric’: a clear organisation or structure. The built form that usually is a response to local conditions and historic evolution; to climate, culture, economy and agreements; to rules. Our role as architects (still a word full of promise!) is to try to understand, repair and improve. To expand.

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