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In Service of Undiscovered Life – Kristin Jarmund Architects

Characterized by her aesthetic understanding and admirable detailing, workmanship and expressiveness, the world of Kristin Jarmund Architects relate to functionalism but with a reinterpretation and refinement of this idiom. Founded by Jarmund in 1985, this leading Norwegian architectural firm strives for solutions with simplicity in form and function with emphasis on the human dimension.

This book explores the rich history of one of Norways’s finest firms, tracing back to Fyrsticksterassen, a multipurpose commercial building in Olso, which put Jarmund on the map as a rising star in Norwegian architecture. Since then, Kristin Jarmund Architects have designed a plethora of important and iconic buildings of varying sizes and purposes, including Nydalen Metro Station, award winning Gulskogen School and the Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu.

In 2010, Jarmund was awarded the prestigious Honorary Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects’ Award for her outstanding work in architecture and society.


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