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Letter to My Dear

Letter to My Dear is a thought-provoking project that explores abstract concepts of life and eternity.

The nuclear waste we produce today has to be stored for 100,000 years before it becomes safe for people, animals and nature. This difficult-to-grasp timescale is the theme for the art project, in which the artist Lennart Grebelius brings the question of our moral responsibility to future generations to the fore. As part of the project, the book is a letter to a child of a future generation where the time span is made physically visible.

Lennart Grebelius, a philanthropist/businessman/artist, uses art to turn abstract ideas into tangible objects. With Letter to my dear, Grebelius takes on eternity. He asks a simple question that sheds light on a very real and very moral dilemma: What can we demand of our children? And of their children?

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