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Lifting the Gaze – Juul Frost Architects

Lifting the Gaze is an examination of how architecture affects the ways we live, learn and work. It provides reflections on the possibility of bringing forth new communities and new collaborations in spite of differences and in spite of people’s individual interests. The themes of the book share an urban affinity in terms of the urban environment’s inherent diversity and potential for offering different meeting places.

Through three themes, Lifting the Gaze revisits three projects, rereads theorists, fuses them with present day conditions, and reflects upon what they can teach us about challenges and possibilities of the future. In addition, two experienced journalists offer their perspectives on the role of the architect and of architecture from a Nordic and a global perspective – and Helle Juul and Flemming Frost provide a look into the development of Juul Frost Architects’ practice over the past 30 years, their ways of working and their academic, conceptual and pragmatic approach to architecture.

By looking backwards, forwards and outwards, the essays in the book reflect on the urban context within which we are presently situated and generates new thoughts and ideas about the future.

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