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PANGEA is an autobiography written by the artist and author Björn Wessman – today one of Sweden’s most distinguished contemporary artists. In his idiosyncratic image world he seeks the essence of nature within the present, in the magic of the unfolding of events.

In PANGEA, the origin of all landscapes, the reader gets to experience how the continents once again are united in his painterly world. With a poetical abstracting glance, a sonorous colouring is created, a unique image world we can refer to, where the frontiers of natural abstraction stimulate reflection upon our own relation to nature. Wessman’s art is far beyond the established representational codes. It constitutes a sort of resilience, in the form of a trust in nature’s own capacity to heal.

In PANGEA, we chronologically follow the painterly development of the artist in image and text, starting with the Stockholm art scene in 1981. In this richly illustrated book, Wessman writes of the working processes of the studio, of influences from other artists, of journeys to exotic places, and of his own Vindö Park, the three-dimensional painting.

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