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Tove Kjellmark – The Horse, the Robot & the Immeasurable

This book presents the practice of artist Tove Kjellmark and her extensive artistic research project ‘The Horse, the Robot and the Immeasurable: A Practice-Based Exploration of Matter as a Movement That Constantly Takes on New Shapes’. With the relationship horse-human-robot in focus, the aim is to challenge the limits of measurability, investigate liminal states and sedimentary expressions sprung from translations between materiality and immateriality through digital, analogue and performative techniques. Fragments of the horse’s spirit, traces of movement shaped as physical echoes, imprints that remain after many digital translations from the encounter with a horse’s physicality. The term ‘translation’ is used in its double meaning: as the transformation of a language or medium into another, and as the movement of a body from one point in space to another.

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