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Vandkunsten – Renovation & Transformation

Renovation & Transformation is a new book from Vandkunsten Architects. It covers nine current renovation projects in the form of renovations of monotonous concrete buildings, transformations of so-called ‘ghetto areas’, large-scale renovations of 1001 sheds with focus on process and recycling, as well as business- and cultural houses that are transformed and upgraded to new and longer lives. Each project is presented with a short text, images, illustrations and drawings.

The book is part of a series of publications about the current projects of the studio, which are representative of its work throughout the years. Its intention is to inspire others in the business – architects, builders, advisors, students, and so on – through a somewhat more in-depth introduction to some of the projects of the studio.

Vandkunsten Architects is a Danish architectural service established in 1970.

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