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Natural Elements – Arkís Architects

Arkís Architects is an Icelandic architecture studio based in Reykjavík. Their Nordic humanist architecture is characterized by local conditions and international influences, and their focus is on creating sustainable design firmly rooted in the Icelandic tradition and landscape. Founded in 1997, the studio is one of the largest architecture firms in Iceland, and has created significant works both in Iceland and abroad.

Arkís strives to create architecture that stems from and resonates with the magnificent Icelandic landscape. This means that their buildings help tying things together, rather than stand out as individual objects.

In Arkís buildings, there is thus a clear link with Nordic tradition in terms of them being determined by a combination of context and function. They base their work on the affordances of the sites and design their buildings in accordance with the brief.

This book presents a selection of their most important projects, such as Reykjavík University, Apotek Hotel, and Snæfellsstofa Visitor Centre. It also includes texts by Sigríður Magnúsdóttir, Atli Magnus Seelow and Livio Dimitriu, as well as an interview with representatives of the studio by the editor Tomas Lauri.

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