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Mark Cocksedge

Offecct + Lucy Kurrein

The third book about Offecct’s collaborations with various designers from around the world is a personal and open-hearted conversation with Lucy Kurrein. She’s been very involved in the creation of the book and offers a unique insight into the world of images and ideas that has shaped her design philosophy. In the book, we follow design writer Max Fraser to Lucy Kurrein’s studio for a personal and sincere conversation. The extensive visual material that Kurrein herself has selected reflects her personality, sources of inspiration and design process. Just as in her work, we meet a designer where care for every detail results in a natural simplicity that requires time.

‘I am selective about the projects I take on. If I hired a team, I could take on three times as much work, but I enjoy designing everything with my own hands and allowing a slow and considered design process’, she says.

In the book, Lucy Kurrein also talks about how her creativity was nurtured when she was young by visits to art museums, sculpture parks and galleries, and why the relationship between the product and the human body is so central to her. ‘To understand the material world is to delve into the space between body and object, movement and stasis, hollows and solids, craft and machine. Many references come and go during a creative career, while others stay around for life. These are some of the ones that have stuck for me.’

Lucy Kurrein began her career on an Art Foundation Diploma at the Leeds College of Art and Design. She went on to study Furniture Design at Buckinghamshire University, where she graduated in 2007. After some years at Matthew Hiltons’ and Pearson Lloyds’ respectively, all British Royal Designers for Industry, she set up her own design studio in London in 2013. The same year, she launched her first sofa in collaboration with SCP. In 2015, Lucy was awarded ‘Young Furniture Designer of the Year’ by Homes and Gardens magazine. She is one of the most exciting new designers working in Europe today.

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