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Ulrik Samuelson – Sättarens anmärkning, texter om konsten och konstlivet 1962-2016

Ulrik Samuelson is one of Sweden’s most prominent contemporary artists. No other painter has made such a big imprint on the public spaces of Stockholm – from the central railway station to the metro station in Kungsträdgården. It is, however, less known that he has been writing about art alongside his artistic production since the 1960s. These texts are now collected for the first time in a book. In addition to thoughts on his own impetus and the great subjects in art, often mentioned in relation to the surroundings, are debate entries, questionnaires, unpublished project proposals and progressive contributions to the art debate from a period stretching over more than five decades. Included in the book is also an essay on Samuelson, written by the editor Dan Karlholm.

Ulrik Samuelson (b. 1935) is a painter and sculptor educated at Konstfack and The Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm.

Dan Karlholm (b. 1963) is professor in art history at Södertörn University.

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