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Design Reviewed #2

The summer 2023 edition of Design Reviewed!

Travelling from the Amazon rainforest to Tokyo’s public toilets, from a Munich-based manufactory to Chicago’s streets and suburbs, and from 1980s’ USA to contemporary London’s grassroots football pitches, this issue contains ten essays in which writers get hands-on with design and its various manifestations in the world.

The texts offer personal reflections on design and the contexts in which it operates, but are not intended as qualitative assessments of their subjects. We hope they make you chuckle, ponder and perhaps even tug at your sun-warmed heartstrings.

Our second issue includes essays by Nathan Ma, Piti Koshimura, Michael David Mitchell, Simón Ballen Botero, Adrienne Brown, Natalie Kane, Ann Morgan, as well as Disegno’s India Block, Lara Chapman and Oli Stratford. It has been designed by Jonas Hirschmann, with creative direction from Studio AKFB.

15.00(excl VAT and shipping)

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