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BIG – Amager Bakke

Amager Bakke is set to become the most modern environmentally friendly waste-to-energy plant, with a ski hill on its roof!

Amager Resource Centre converts waste into power and heat. It is one of the world’s most eco-friendly plants, with high energy, efficient flue gas cleaning. It is also the first facility in Denmark to be equipped with a catalyst to remove NOx.

The idea of integrating recreation in an industrial plant of this scale has never been attempted before and thus has attracted international attention, representing the best of innovative Danish architecture, urban planning and landscape design. The bold design by BIG intensifies the relationship between the building and the city by turning the roof of the structure into an urban “mountain”, suitable for year-round skiing, hiking and other activities for citizens and visitors. Amager Bakke is both iconic, integrated, a destination in itself and a reflection on the progress vision of green energy.

48€(excl VAT and shipping)

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